Jess Quick


Jess Quick, 22, officially began her first job as a Daily Sun News reporter May 16, 2018, but she has written a few freelance stories in the preceding weeks.
Quick has also had several photographs published already in The Daily Sun.
“I’m eager to capture history as it unfolds every day,” she said.
Quick was born in Columbus, Miss., but she grew up in Prosser.
She was transplanted in Prosser when she was 8 years old when her family moved to the Yakima Valley.
After graduating from Prosser High School in 2014, she enrolled at Montana State University as an English major.
Quick initially wanted to become an teacher. But, after considering she has spent most of her life in a classroom, she decided she didn’t want to be confined to one the rest of her life.
Returning to the lower valley, Quick began searching for a new path and applied with The Daily Sun.
“I think the press is a very important aspect of society, and I find purpose in being a part of such a career field,” Quick said.
Quick is learning world of journalism is fast-paced, and she’s excited about learning.
Quick as been writing creatively since high school but has only recently begun writing news articles.

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