Presidential hopeful and businessman Donald Trump is calling for the elimination of all non-U.S. citizen Muslim travel to our country. What do you think?

Great idea. Get a handle on terrorism first. 30 votes


As Americans, we need to keep our welcome mat out. 11 votes


Why stop with Muslims? Close our borders to all foreigners. 9 votes


Why worry about his idea? It won't be approved. 13 votes


63 total votes


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RKJacobs 3 years, 3 months ago

Fear is the biggest weapon ISES is using. It is also the biggest weapon Trump and the media is using. We are first a nation of immigrants. We came here first as immigrants, and terrorists. We terrorized the native population. We were the first terrorists in this country. this country, especially this region would not have prospered had we not allowed immigrants from Mexico to come here had we said well, coming with the immigrants that want a better life are those that bring the drug trade, and the gangs, then the agriculture industry of Eastern Washington would not have flourished. Go into any food establishment in this country from East to West and you find, some El Salvadorian, Mexican working the line making food affordable in a restaurant you go to, or the produce you purchase in the supermarket, due to cheap labor. Before that it was ever other immigrant population, the Irish, the Italians, on and on. In fact, when the Irish potato famine happened, and the Irish immigrated to the US, they were so despised in Chicago that the Blacks moved out of the neighborhoods when the Irish moved in.
You all love your Iphones, had it not been for some Syrian, Steve Jobs, you wouldn't be talking on one!

Read a history book, and stop being fearful. We can vet incoming refugees.

Stop calling yourselves a Christian nation, if you are not going to open yourselves to refugees, immigration, and the aliens. Some of Christ's strongest commandments are to take care of these folks, there is no debating this!

We had no problem taking in the Vietnamese or the Cambodians in the '80s after being at war with them in the eighties. The violence that has happened in this country since 9/11 has been conducted by the Timothy McVieghs of this country, white guys pissed at somebody, not terrorists from other countries pissed at us. If we called these white guys with guns, terrorists, we would be looking at this problem a whole lot different. If Sandy Hook was not a wake up call, then I don't know what it takes. Hunker Down.


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