Letters to the Editor

Embrace the ‘Sun’

In May 1901 the Sunnyside Sun published for the first time. At that time Sunnyside wasn’t yet a city and wouldn’t be incorporated until September of 1902.

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Help greatly appreciated

On Wednesday, Nov. 21, my family and I were shopping in Sunnyside Walmart. My daughter has a seizure disorder, and she had one at the store.

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Support for stadium

“Washington State Stadium” - a publicly named stadium - will promote local and international industries from the State of Washington and result in millions of dollars of economic activity for the citizens of the State of Washington.

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Feed the hungry

As we celebrate the service of veterans today, too many are homeless and hungry, struggling to get the health care they deserve. (‘SHS honors veterans with tribute’ and ‘Feeding the hungry’ in the Daily Sun News, Nov. 11, 2018).

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New taxes unnecessary

Economists say Washington state will have more tax revenue next year than was expected, more than has ever before been generated.

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Vote for Curtice

As I received my ballot and voter’s pamphlet, with many items and candidates to consider, my vote for coroner is not something I have to dwell on.

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Curtice is the real deal

I normally don’t get into politics. Yet, as I am working my way through the ballot tonight, I want to share my vote for James “Jim” Curtice as the next Coroner.

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Curtice can be trusted

It’s vital that we vote our values, so I’ll be voting for Jim Curtice for Yakima County Coroner this fall.

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