Liberty is the reason

Most Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, but many don’t really know why. Ask any kid, and almost any adult, and the answer will be, “It’s the Fourth of July.”

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Religious rights need to be taken seriously, too

Taxpayers statewide will be on the hook financially for millions of dollars in lawsuits, at least until state officials start taking religious freedoms as seriously as they do rights for alternative lifestyles.

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A solemn day to observe

Memorial Day observances are planned in Outlook, Sunnyside, Prosser, Zillah and Grandview, among other locations. We encourage you to attend one of the observances and remember why you have the opportunity to celebrate this weekend. Take a child along, and teach them what Memorial Day is all about.

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iPhone hacking device a necessary evil

As long as our constitutional rights are upheld, and suspects are given their due process, we don’t see any issue with authorities being able to hack an iPhone after obtaining a search warrant — they already have that ability for Android systems and personal computers.

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Use common sense when deciding fate of dams

When it comes to discussing the future of Columbia and Snake river dams, you don’t need numbers. You just need common sense. Increased spill rates, and breaching or destruction of dams is idiotic. That’s simply throwing away the investment that was made and all of the benefits that came from it.

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