Spring time sprint is four season race

As we have sprung into daylight savings mode with the big chill of winter here in the Lower Valley, hopefully behind us — our focus with a wee-bit of Irish luck, can now turn to the ritual passage of springtime.

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Congress must do more to condemn Anti-Semitism

A member of Congress makes a hateful remark, and House congressional leaders of the same political party respond by swiftly condemning and then strip that representative of all committee assignments—a severe punishment.

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Veterans medical needs require more

From the invasion of the Persian Gulf to the war in Afghanistan, the landscape of conflict and service-related, healthcare conditions which confront our veterans have evolved as well — the largest integrated healthcare provider in the nation, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been embroiled in scandal since 2015 and has provided insufficient reform in holding those responsible or to rectify the department’s wide-spread mismanagement.

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I-1639 Advice

Read your editorial concerning I-1639. It seems you don’t have an understanding of what an assault rifle is. I found this a while back, thought I’d share it with you. Also, when the Sheriff says he will refuse to enforce and unconstitutional law, he is doing his job. He swore to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Washington State.

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Worried citizen

It is with great concern I write this as my worry for the citizens of Sunnyside is now joining my longtime alarm for those residing in my hometown of Wapato.

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Congress approves landmark bill for Yakima Basin

‘Gridlock’ might seem to be the best word to describe divided government in Washington D.C. these days. However, last week, despite the partisan differences in the nation’s capital, bipartisanship and pragmatism won in what can only be described as a major legislative win for Central Washington.

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