‘Adults only’ reading bingo

A reading program for “adults only” is being offered at all Yakima Valley Libraries and there are some cool prizes for the annual Winter Reading Challenge winners.

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Mane event under cover

Asking about the designs of the Historic Downtown Prosser Association “Mane Event” ponies is being kept top secret.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities

The Washington Elementary School fourth graders will host its annual “Honk for Martin Luther King Jr.” rally Friday, Jan. 18, on South Sixth Street in front of the Sunnyside School District administration building.

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Stackhouse Bridge Replacement contract awarded

The Stackhouse Bridge Replacement project bid offered by Highmark Concrete Contractors, LLC of Buckley, Wash. for $669,555.50 was accepted during the City of Sunnyside City Council Workshop at the Law and Justice Center Monday evening.

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Celebration of life highlights ‘A Life Lived’

Family, friends and acquaintances ranging from the Grandview Greyhounds boys basketball players to members of law enforcement gathered in the Grandview High School gym this past Saturday to celebrate the life of John “Dennis” Bottineau.

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Dogs slaughter herd of ewes

No information has yet been shared regarding who owns two dogs that slaughtered more than 40 head of sheep on Factory Road just more than two weeks ago.

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Cowboy community ropes in support for long-time wrangler

Like his dad and uncles who worked cattle in Mexico, Diego Mendoza was born to be a cowboy — a wrangler rope in one hand and set of steering reins in the other is what drives him to be out there on the range, living his authentic brand the only way he knows.

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Nursing back to health

Trying to coax an injured ewe to get up off the ground, Gene Fernandez pays special attention to her injured front leg.

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Woman dies in crash

A 34-year-old woman is dead after a crash on Jan. 3 at South Wapato and Progressive roads. Yakima County Sheriff’s deputy Wes Rasmussen said Caroline Pacheco died after her vehicle crashed into a semi, driven by Aleksandr Mirko, 44.

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New Yakima County officials sworn in

Newly elected Yakima County Coroner Jim Curtice, County Clerk Tracey Slagle, Commissioner Norm Childress and Sheriff Bob Udell are sworn into office at the Yakima County Courthouse on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

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