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Teaching your child how to be empathetic

Children often are surrounded by people who are different from themselves, especially at school, and it is important that they treat others with respect and empathy, regardless of their differences.

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Astria welcomes new surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Ford, MD earned her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, School of Biology in Hamilton, Ontario and graduated medical school at St. George’s University, School of Medicine.

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Researchers develop drug to curb smoking

Washington State University researchers have created more than a dozen drugs with the potential to curb smokers’ desire for nicotine by slowing how it is broken down in the body.

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The A-B-C-D-E‘s of viral Hepatitis

Millions of people across the globe, including in our own backyard, are living with a viral hepatitis infection and may not even know it. Experts at Baylor College of Medicine say awareness and diagnosis is the first step to taking control and making changes to either prevent or treat this potentially deadly infection.

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