Stop the hate

I am getting tired of all the name calling and hatred spewing out of that other Washington.

The rhetoric and detestable behavior, no matter what party is responsible, fuels the hatred across the nation.

Discourse is one thing, but pure, unadulterated hateful behavior and words cause much more harm than good.

There are people who seem to live off of hate speech. They eat it up and believe they are justified in their own hatred of others, if the examples in front of them are spewing horrid words fitting their own narrative.

Painting every person who believes differently, looks different or acts different in a negative light is not a way to spread love across the nation.

Saying every white male is privileged and is racist, for example, is painting white men with the broadest stroke one can use.

Painting every person coming from a nation south of the U.S. border as an illegal immigrant bound to commit a crime is also using a large stroke across an entire populace.

These notions, any wise person knows, are not true.

I watch the news, and I hear an African American politician saying every person who supports the current president is uneducated, drunk and old. He said a few other rather ugly things about those who support President Trump.

How does this rhetoric unify a nation? In my mind, it divides people because there are many who believe the ugliest things about others… especially if those others don’t share one’s own belief system.

I don’t care what your political standing. I only care about what is in your heart.

It is my belief that we should unite for the common good of our communities and our nation, insisting our politicians stop the hate speech. Or, we will continue to see groups like Antifa beating up innocent people who happen upon their protests.

We won’t see the other Washington working together for the good of EVERYONE until the voters stand up against the rhetoric.


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