Trump figured out North Korea

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— Trump has really gone and done it.

Instead of settling for slowing down the rise of socialism in America with his election as president, he struck a blow to world-wide socialism on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

There were countless predictions of World War III when the name-calling between the president and Kim Jong Un started. I suggested it would never happen. Self-preservation is man’s first nature.

We haven’t had a world war since 1945. There were about 20 years between World Wars I and II. The difference was the existence of nuclear weapons. After the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, nukes have been a deterrent not many people envisioned when they were invented.

No matter what else they may be, Trump and Kim are human. They were never in a hurry to annihilate themselves and their families, along with the world.

Kim was used to rattling sabers at the U.S. without so much as a whimper from a U.S. president. America was used to that, too. So, when Trump responded in kind, most people were shocked.

The left responded to the response with feigned indignation. Those folks hated Trump for slowing our slide to socialism. When he took on North Korea as he did, the left understood his success would bludgeon their cause.

Just read or listen to the comments coming from the left today. Those folks are making the most ridiculous comments. Many of them hated seeing the American flag mixed with the North Korean flag.

Well, how about that. The flag matters.

Another win for Trump.

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat of course, said Trump elevated Kim to the level of a U.S. president. Yup, that’s exactly why Kim went to Singapore and signed. He wanted to look like a loser as he signed. If you were paying attention, his facial expression said it all.

I actually felt a little sympathy for Kim, but he brought this on himself. His grandfather got away with recklessness. So did his father. And Kim.

And they developed nukes.

But they did nothing for their people. Many of those they didn’t order to be killed, they allowed to die of starvation. While South Koreans and many other Asians were enjoying decent-to-good lifestyles, North Koreans had no lifestyle at all.

After Kim decided he was following the wrong path and asked Trump for the meeting, Trump jumped at the opportunity. He didn’t go to that old “don’t give them legitimacy game” that has kept un-needed diplomats in business.

He started talking about win-wins for North Korea and the U.S. and for North Korea and the world. He was going into business mode.

All he had to do was help Kim envision the economy and lifestyles North Koreans could have and offer to help accomplish them, not with money but with American entrepreneurial expertise and American private investment.

He even made his presentation with a video showing what Kim’s country could be.

Trump suggested a tourism industry, noting North Korea has the best beaches in that part of the world. With China on one border and South Korea on the other, chances of filling towering hotels along those beaches would be good.

People on left will laugh at this. They don’t understand basic human needs like freedom and opportunity. There are very few people — even among leftists — who want to be equal to everybody else.

Except for trips to China, Kim had not seen the world. He was stuck in the hermit kingdom.

Trump woke Kim from his sleep by taking him to Singapore. He was like a child at Disneyland.

Trump had no interest in disposing of Kim. He didn’t want to defeat him. Enlightenment was the key.

He asked Kim whether it made more sense to make nukes and threaten the world or free his people and move his country to the future. Kim chose the future.

In the end, this may not work. North Korea has been known to blow its opportunities. But I will not bet against it. I wouldn’t bet against Trump on anything.

It’s ironic — the Washington establishment is replete with members of the “make love, not war” generations. That’s what Trump has been talking about since the start of his election campaign.

It’s just not the kind of love-making the free love generation had in mind. This is the kind of love that could cure the world.

— Ted Escobar is the managing editor of The Daily Sun. Email him at


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