Congress must return to its regular order


Last year, TV news kept showing children of various ages riding atop train cars headed north to America un-accompanied by grown-ups. Now, we hear that we need to do something about giving citizenship to those who were brought here by their parents when they were young.

They are calling them “DREAMers.” However, no one seems to mention that their parents are most likely illegals, too.

In the past, America has been a magnet to the world. Still is. But that cannot go on forever. Our population has reached 316,158,692 and counting.

The territorial acquisitions of the 1800s, which expanded America’s land holdings all the way to the Pacific Ocean provided opportunities not only to Americans, but also new waves of immigrants, mostly from Europe.

It started migration from the eastern part of America to new territories. “Go west young man, go west” was the cry.

But those who came here illegally have no right to be here. They have been breaking our laws. They should be told to show respect for our laws and pack their bags and go back home.

They can then apply for legal entrance for work, but only for those jobs Americans won’t do. America needs to do better training our citizens to perform the most technical jobs.

Manuel Ybarra Jr.

Coalgate, Okla.


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