Reader questions mushroom plant


Ostroms Mushrooms may be coming to our area. Has anyone checked why they are leaving a beautiful sweet community for here? Has anyone found out how mushrooms are grown?

Ostroms in Everson hired 60 people to work their business. It’s very labor intensive they say and workers are hard to find there anymore.

They use “poultry poop” to raise their mushrooms in. Well, we don’t have poultry poop here, so are they bringing it in? Since we are already full of cow manures and smells do they think we don’t care about adding very, very potent chicken poop to the atmosphere?

Air is blown through tunnels to the process so that smell will be forced into our air.

There are a lot of questions we need to ask about allowing this business to move here. Cow manure holds nothing in comparison to the horrid poultry poop.

We have ground water with nitrates issues unresolved and air quality issues from ambient pen dirt, air from 70 dairies around Sunnyside.

Poor Sunnyside!

Let Honeyford and our city leaders get all excited about this business coming here. But, I feel badly for the neighbors to this facility and the downwinders! That’d be me!

Check it out before we get all excited. Where will they get 200 people to work it here? There aren’t many that like intensive work anymore.

Unless they think because we are rich in our Hispanic population who’ve been a much-needed group of hard workers for ages, therefore they can count on them to do this stinky job?

I don’t mean that comment to be negative but I believe that’s their thinking.

We’ve allowed 70 dairies to impact our atmosphere without any concern of byproduct and issues from 100’s of thousands of head of cows. So, we should check to see about this plant and its poultry manure added to us! Prove me wrong, please.

Working on cleaning our water issues 6 years and air issues nearly 15, I’m keeping a cocked eye of crow on this one.

Kathleen Rogers



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