User complains over care of local cemetery grave sites


My mother was buried one month ago in the Sunnyside cemetery.

My brother is also buried there, and my father along with many other relatives. I was there (recently) to visit them and became very upset about the way their gravesite looks.

Where my mother was buried, all the grass is completely dead. The ground was not leveled out before they put the grass back in place, so by the headstone, it is about 6 inches lower than the rest.

The only reason my dad’s and brother’s gravesite looks decent is because my nieces go out there and edge around the headstones.

My niece was out to my Mom’s gravesite a few days after the burial, and she said there was dirt left all over the top of my dad’s and brother’s grave where they had placed the grass during my Mom’s burial.

She had to remove the dirt herself and try to level out my Mom’s grass. The guy who just got fired there recently had the guts to remove and throw away the edging we had put around my brothers tree we had planted for him by the gravesite.

My son-in-law is buried in Puyallup, and every time I go there, the lawns are green, every headstone is edged around, and it is like going into a park. You can tell that the people who take care of the cemetery really care and have respect for the ones that the families have to care for their loved ones.

The Sunnyside cemetery is dirty, unkept, and you can tell the people there are only doing it for a job. They do not have respect or care about the loved ones people leave for them to care for.

If it was up to me, I would move my family to a new cemetery where people care for them and respect them.

When I returned to my house I called the owner of the cemetery. I told him who I was and told him I had just been to the cemetery.

He was very nice and said, “Oh good.” As soon as I told him I left the cemetery very upset about the way it was being taken care of, he had the guts to hang up on me. That is no way for someone who runs a company to act.

I told the lady in the office I will be back in a few weeks, and it better have been taken care of. I don’t want to hear excuses about the irrigation water, broken pipes or anything else.

We paid a 10 percent fee for each grave for endowed care. The money must be going into someone’s pocket because it sure isn’t going to making sure the cemetery is taken care of properly.

Diane Wenger



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