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Assault weapons aren’t the problem


State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is taking his political cue from a July 30 tragedy to once again call for a ban on military-looking firearms.

Earlier this week, he called for a ban on the sale of so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition clips in the state. But he’s not kidding anyone — the way a firearm looks is not the problem.

The July 30 shooting in Mukilteo involved a man who shot and killed three people using an AR-15 rifle. Yes, the rifle looks a lot like an M-16 machine gun.

But like a hunting rifle, an AR-15 is semi-automatic — meaning it can only fire one bullet each time you pull the trigger. Machine guns — which are generally illegal to own in the U.S. — fire multiple bullets with one pull of the trigger.

Rather than focus on the shooter and his mental state, Ferguson is kowtowing to his liberal campaign contributors and trying to blame a rifle solely because of the way it looks.

Ferguson, like other gun-control advocates, would have us believe that we should ban a rifle because it has a black carbon stock instead of wood, a futuristic scope rather than traditional sights, a shorter barrel and other cosmetic differences. The assertion that the gun is more dangerous because of its appearance is deceptive. And it doesn’t resolve mental health and other issues behind tragic shootings in our country.

It’s disappointing to see Ferguson use the Mukilteo tragedy as a vehicle to further his political aspirations.


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