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Our pick: Elect Gary Johnson for president


More than ever, this presidential election has pointed to the foibles of our nation’s two-party political system.

More than ever, Americans need and deserve a choice other than the tainted past, and present, Republicans and Democrats are offering in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

For that reason, among others, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is our pick for president.

Johnson is also appealing because his Libertarian views are more in agreement with the way most Eastern Washington residents live their lives.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago presidential hopeful Ron Paul won the majority of votes in Eastern Washington, with the exception of Benton County.

Again, he represented a libertarian approach that aligned well with the Eastern Washington view of right to privacy and land ownership.

And it’s not just Johnson’s libertarian views.

As the former governor of New Mexico, and a Republican at the time, Johnson also has experience from a border state perspective in addressing immigration concerns.

He also backs term limits for elected offices. Johnson has received praise for creating jobs in New Mexico.

Does Johnson have a chance of becoming our next president?

That’s not the point of this endorsement or in voting for him.

Rather, the point is sending a message from Eastern Washington to the other Washington that it’s time for more options in our national politics.


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Meezos 2 years, 2 months ago

I have come to the conclusion that I agree wholeheartedly. First, because Washington is winner-take-all in the electoral system we know Hillary is getting all 12 of Washington's votes. That means voting for her will have zero effect on helping keep Trump out (likewise voting for Trump will have zero effect on keeping Hillary out). The only negatives people can say about Johnson are merely grasping at straws when you have Hillary (as former Sec. of State) no knowing where Mosul is, and Trump not knowing Scotland's relation to Brexit. That leaves (what should really be most important anyhow) relevant experience, policy positions and integrity. Johnson's integrity is 2nd to none having a reputation for honesty as shown by his 2-term track record as governor. He is not a flip-flopper and he is nothing but honest. His experience exceeds both of the other two as Hillary has never had an executive position in government, and Johnson hits a much better batting average business-wise than Trump does. Policy-wise, Johnson is the only candidate that uses common sense - he wants to balance the budget AND give us freedoms in our personal lives that the government should have no control over (he is pro-choice, pro marriage equality, wants to treat marijuana use as a health issue rather than a criminal issue - he was ranked #1 by the ACLU!) Add to all that, he doesn't have a history of corruption or weaseling people out of their money and you've got the easiest decision ever. (Plus if he gets 5% of the vote his party will earn federal funding next election forcing both left and right closer to center which will reduce all this divisiveness and be so good for our country.)


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