Time for a time we can all stick with

Every year, particularly in the spring, I come to really hate Daylight Saving Time.

I hate having to wake up an hour earlier and I hate having to adjust. It’s a form of jet lag imposed on everyone.

The first actual use of Daylight Saving Time was in Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I. It was used mainly during wars until the energy crisis of the 1970s, when it was adopted by lots of countries. It was proven to save energy, which is why it was used during wartime.

However, Daylight Saving Time no longer saves energy. In our modern world of air conditioners and early mornings, switching to Daylight Saving Time provides no net benefit. When Indiana adopted Daylight Saving Time statewide in 2006, studies showed that residents ended up paying more in electric bills, not less.

Further, it’s bad for health. Heart attacks tend to go up by 10 percent for a few days after the spring change, possibly due to sleep deprivation.

Farmers, particularly dairy farmers, don’t care for Daylight Saving Time in general. Cows don’t care what the clock says. They still need to be milked at about the same time. One reason Daylight Saving Time wasn’t adopted in the United States until 1966 was because a powerful farm lobby was utterly against it.

As for my own animal... Inkwell loves Daylight Saving Time in the spring. He gets fed an hour earlier. He hates it in the fall... just the opposite of us humans, who prefer the extra hour of sleep in the autumn to the lost hour in the spring.

I don’t particularly care how we get rid of it, I just want the time change associated with Daylight Saving Time to go away. I slightly favor keeping the Daylight Saving Time hours year-round, despite the darker mornings in the winter.

Some people prefer winter time, some prefer summer... and some have even suggested splitting the difference and changing clocks by a half-hour.

Any way would work for me, as long as I never have to adjust to the change again. Let’s just pick a time and stick with it.


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