Are we really this trashy?

Traveling our roadways, visiting our local parks and attending numerous events on a regular basis I can’t help but notice all the garbage floating here and there.

I have been driving behind other motorists who seem to have no quandaries when it comes to littering, amazed as a McDonald’s bag or a CD fly out the window and directly toward my vehicle.

It makes me think people in Washington are utter pigs…oh so trashy!

I find myself picking up after others as I am walking around a park or at an event and shake my head, wishing whoever decided the ground is a trash can would think about what they are doing.

The shoulders of our freeways are just as littered and it confounds me because I have traveled to other states and see much cleaner environments.

I know there are Adopt-a-Highway programs that help keep the sides of the roadways cleaner, but I have also traveled city streets and backroads in these other states, seeing what I expect to see without all the litter.

It leads me to wonder what travelers from those states would think of us if they traveled our roads. Would they think we are slobs with no concern about what our state looks like?

It doesn’t take much to keep our roadways and landscapes clean…just the simple use of a trash bag or trash can.

A few weeks ago the degree of our littering ways was highlighted by a story about the proper use of Sunnyside’s recycling bins at South Hill Park.

The photographs of people’s waste were disgusting. That type of waste scattered about our streets and our parks is just as disgusting, but all too often I see people ignore it and keep on walking as if it will magically disappear.

Instead, we can all do our part and pick it up even if we didn’t leave it there. Maybe we should carry a plastic grocery bag wherever we go, making a point to pick up litter whenever we see it.

The more of us there are playing our small role in cleaning up our landscapes, the better it will look. And, maybe (just maybe) it might get the litterbugs to be more considerate as they see the difference we are making.

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