Support your schools


I am writing today to ask everyone to vote YES on February 11, 2014 on the upcoming school bond for the Sunnyside School District.

We are lucky and blessed to live in the community of Sunnyside. Education is supported by voters.

Please show your support and vote YES so the district can build a new Washington Elementary School and expand and improve the parking lot at Outlook Elementary School.

When we pass a school bond, we are keeping our property tax low, the second lowest in Yakima County. Having new schools in our community is always a good outcome. Keeping our current schools safe, as well as teachers, students and staff, is imperative.

By expanding the Outlook parking lot, we achieve this goal.

Building a new, modern building to replace the current Washington Elementary School will give our children and staff the benefit of being able to meet the needs of both our children and educators. It will give our children and educators state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips. The new Washington Elementary School will be a part of our community for many years to come, and educating many generations of children in Sunnyside.

The facts are simple. When you vote YES on the school bond, the state of Washington will match the needed funding with $11.5 million in matching funds to build a new Washington Elementary School and make safety improvements to the parking lot at Outlook Elementary School. We keep our property tax rate low. We support the education of our children. We build strong community support. We all benefit when new schools are built in our community of Sunnyside.

The outcome of these positive changes are numerous.

Let us once again give our children, teachers, administrators and community a wonderful gift…the gift of education.

/s/ Heather Alvarez, Sunnyside

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