Vote for kids


Please join me in voting “Yes” for the $10 million bond on the Feb. 11 ballot. This opportunity continues the Sunnyside School District’s long history of giving the patrons of this community the best return on an investment in our kids and community.

The approval of this bond initiative will not increase local property taxes, yet it will generate an estimated $21.5 million in project funds to replace Washington Elementary School and provide district leadership with resources to maintain safety and security and address other facility needs.

As a lifelong resident of Sunnyside, I am appreciative and proud of the effort to maintain first class facilities for our kids – the benefit isn’t just anesthetic. The reality is that our facilities and programs provide our kids with the space they need to grow and flourish during their educational years in our community.

Let me restate the facts – if approved. The local property taxes will not increase. The state of Washington will provide approximately $11.5 million in matching funds to our local contribution of $10 million. The property tax rate in Sunnyside is second only to the Mount Adams School District. – there are 14 other local school districts with higher property tax rates than ours.

Join me in voting “Yes” for kids and community – our support provides our youth with the clear message that we care about their future and are willing to make an investment in their future and provide the educational resources necessary for their success.

/s/ Miguel Puente, Sunnyside

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