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Nurturing dreams

I want to be an archeologist.

No, I don't dream of living an Indian Jones lifestyle. I know archeology is 95 percent research, 5 percent field work...if I am lucky. But I dream of solving ancient mysteries, pulling facts together and rocking the world with new discoveries.

I also want to be an astronomer, an anthropologist, a linguist, a ship captain, a teacher, a director, a producer, a politician and a writer.

Okay, so those are a few too many dreams to nurture. I'm sure someone, somewhere has the time and energy to accomplish all those feats, but not me and probably not you either.

Some of us are very lucky. We know our dreams from the very start, like my mother who says she always wanted to be a nurse.

For me, I had to narrow it down a bit.

When I went to college, I decided on teaching. It was something I knew I could do - something that would challenge me every day and keep me learning.

But more importantly, I knew that as a teacher I would be helping to nurture and foster dreams for countless other children.

Forget mind blowing historical discoveries! What better legacy is there to leave on this earth than a child prepared to follow their dreams?

Oddly enough, as a teacher I can be a bit of every one of my dreams...save for a ship captain, perhaps.

Like a great many of us, my dream, the one I've worked on since I left high school eight years ago, was derailed... I won't go into specifics, but here is a hint -


My derailment wasn't all that bad. After all, I matured a lot during that time and got a job as a reporter, allowing me to check-off writer on my "Dreams Accomplished" list...if I literally had a list, that is.

Next week, on Friday, I am officially taking my leave of the Daily Sun News to continue nurturing my dreams. Back to school, I go. Back to late study nights, last minute term papers and, of course, more stress than a single human being should have to handle.

It's a risk, I know. I've already seen people cringe at the thought of me going back to school to become a teacher. I haven't fooled myself into believing a job will be easy to come by when I finish. There is plenty of competition out there.

But the thing is, it's my dream. It's what I want to do, not as a temporary job and not to just try it out, but as a career and for life, because I want to be a teacher.


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