Cutting to the Core

Latest GOP pledge carries stink of 1994

Here we go again. The Republicans, who have relentlessly lied again and again to the American people about President Obama, are now engaged in a new lie, this time calling it a pledge with America.

Why can't they get it? Americans are sick and tired of the lies.

Is Obama the best president we've ever had? I don't know. Is he the worst president we've ever had? I don't know. But one thing I do know is why Obama was elected president.

It's because Americans were sick and disgusted with George W. Bush's eight years in office. Americans were sick of the lies the Republican administration told about Iraq, about Guantanamo Bay and about secret CIA prisons set up in different countries to skirt the rule of American law. We were tired with the Christian president chosen by God telling us it was okay to torture people.

We were sick of 'misunderestimating' George Bush and listening to the absolutely stupid comments that would come out of his mouth.

So instead of accepting this and actually doing something about it, what do Republicans do? They pick John McCain and Sarah Palin to represent the party after Bush/Cheney. At first Republicans shied away from Mitt Romney because of his Mormon beliefs. Then they pick one of the nuttiest chicks ever to kill a moose in Alaska to run for VP. Was there any wonder Obama/Biden won?

Democrats took over in 2006 in both houses and got the anti-filibustering 60-votes in the Senate in 2008. What did Republicans do? Did they finally get it and realize what they had to do? NO.

They went on the attack. They accused Obama of being born outside of the United States, offering no evidence. I know some out there reading this are going, "Corey, there was evidence offered."

Okay, let me rephrase that. Republicans accused Obama of not being born in the United States without offering any credible evidence.

The Republicans accused Obama of being a Muslim. When that didn't work they went after his rather fiery, nutty, former pastor, who is a Christian.

When American seamen were being held hostage off the coast of Somalia, he was blamed by Republicans. When the rescue mission went off beautifully, Republicans accused him of trying to take credit for the operation.

Republicans have blamed Obama for everything that is wrong with the economy. They have blamed him for TARP, an idea pushed by the Republicans' darling, Mr. George W. Bush himself. You don't hear the elephants talking about that, do you?

So now the party of NO has come up with another clever ruse to fool the American people into electing them back into office. It's called the Pledge to America. It's enough to make me want to puke.

Remember the lies that were the Contract with America? Remember term limits? It's something Republicans said to Americans to get into office and it's something Republicans pushed away once they were in. How many Republicans who agreed to follow the Contract with America actually stuck to it? How many Republicans didn't run for re-election when their so called 'term limits' came up?

Does anyone know? I think there has been more Chinese that have walked on the moon than there are Republicans that honored their Contract with America.

So now we have the pledge. Wonderful, more lies.

Let's see, the Republicans want to lower taxes, cut spending and make it possible for insurance companies to cut coverage to their customers if they get sick.

And the Republicans never tell the American people how they're going to pay for all these things. It's all smoke and mirrors. I've heard Republicans say they want to go back to pre-2009 spending levels. How about pre-2000 spending levels? Do Republicans believe things were going well in 2008? Then why go back to spending the way we were in 2008? Oh, because it was a Republican spending us into oblivion then rather than a Democrat.

One interesting thing to note, according to a quote attributed to the Cato Institute's president in 2000, the combined budgets of 95 percent of the major programs the Contract with America promised to eliminate increased by 13 percent.

This pledge the Republicans are touting is just a clever ruse to trick the fanatical tea-party members. Those are the ones the elephants are trying to corral.

Let's hope it doesn't work. I don't think I could take eight years of a Palin administration. If that happened I would just have to hope like heck she follows through with her pattern of quitting halfway through the job she was elected to do.


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