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Texting fever too fervent

Text messaging is pervading everyday life and seems to have replaced normal conversation in many regards.

How many times do you hear, "Just text me" on a daily basis?

Teens are texting like mad. A recent Pew survey found they are constantly on the phone, text messaging more than 100 times each day.

The commercials have it right. The parents are outraged at the large phone bills, so cell phone companies are now offering unlimited text messaging plans.

Schools are having to implement rules prohibiting cell phones from being turned on during class time.

What I want to know is when did it become inconvenient to call a person. I would much rather speak with a person over the phone than have to type out an encrypted text message. I say encrypted, because there is a language that allows individuals using texting as a line of communication to do so in text shorthand.

I can say much more via actual conversation in a shorter time. I also am able to express myself properly and hear the inflections in the other person's voice.

But, it seems I am among the few who haven't become addicted to text messaging, which is much like instant messaging that became popular in the 1990s.

Because of the surge in text messaging, employers are now having to step in and take a stance. It seems certain individuals were provided a company cell phone and are now sending personal messages via text. This has led to a lawsuit now in the court system, addressing the issue as to whether the text messages become property of the employer or remain property of the employee when sent via company cell phone.

I have to side with the businesses on this one. Many employers ask employees to sign an agreement regarding emails exchanged via company-owned computers. That agreement states the emails are company-owned because the communications are made during company time.

A company cell phone should be no different. The company pays for the phone, after all.

I feel a person should, when on company time or the company's dime, use that time and money for company purposes.

If one must communicate with others on personal matters, use a private cell phone. Better yet, pick up the phone and call the individual with whom you wish to communicate.

Communication skills are important in everyday life. I believe verbal communication is the key to success in every aspect of life.

In relationships, feelings cannot be properly conveyed if an individual is unable to understand the tone of your words. In business, it is important for others to understand reasoning and confidence conveyed through verbal communication.

I can't imagine interviews being conducted via text message. I don't see couples dating via text message.

It's time to stop the texting and time to dial the phone for the next conversation.


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