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An earthquake? No, just change

by Frances Potts

Stuck in a rut? Plodding along in the same old furrow? Same old, same old can be kind of comfortable.

We always know what to expect when nothing changes. There are no surprises to pop up and smack you in the face. But there is always a chance that the routine that provides security can also lead to stagnation. (And who knows what lurks in those stagnant ponds!)

Without change, nothing much really happens. So, every now and then, a shaking up is good for us. That is, it can be good for us, if we see it as an opportunity to reevaluate ourselves, clear the waters and grow a little.

In times of personal upheaval, I am reminded of the seeds we tuck into the soil in the spring. We fully expect some colorful display or tasty veggie to result later in the year, but how often do we think about the changes that take place to make that happen? Those shiny, hard seeds have to give up their rigid shape and form and open up to bring forth something more fulfilling. Or maybe the seeds had scarcely any definition-were simply little, fragile slivers that amounted to hardly anything when held in the hand, but through change, they are able to explode into all kinds of exciting life.

It's the same with us-whether we be rigid or fragile-we sometimes need a jolt to move us forward to a more productive level.

Although change can be frightening, sometimes even overwhelming, it can work for us instead of against us. The trick is to take a nice, long step back to gain a new perspective, to see ourselves in a new light! And, when the light shines brightly enough, we might see a better way...and a better us...ahead.

So, when the ground beneath my safe, little existence begins to tremble with change, I think of those seeds, and I also remember that an egg, too, has to shatter before a new bird is born.

. Frances Potts is a retired journalist who spent her career working at several newspapers in Washington state.


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