Sharks too powerful for G'view Neptunes


Timmy Martinez glides through the water for the Sharks in the boys 8 & under backstroke. The Sharks easily handled Grandview last night to improve to 4-0 on the season.

GRANDVIEW - The host Neptunes were unable to fend off a strong challenge from the visiting Sunnyside Sharks last night, as Grandview fell by a 480-287 score.

Tuesday night's victory kept Sunnyside's Mid-Valley Summer Swim League record unblemished, as the Sharks improved to 4-0 on the season.

Sunnyside swept to the overpowering win by dominating five of the 12 age divisions: girls 10&U, girls 12&U, girls 16&U, boys 8&U and boys 12&U.

In the girls 10&U events, the Sharks nearly made a clean sweep of it, winning six of the seven races. Brittany Broersma snagged three individual wins for Sunnyside, teammates Tara Van Corbach and Hannah Hollander each won one race, and the Sunnyside foursome of Broersma, Van Corbach, Hollander and Alex Newhouse was victorious in the freestyle relay.

In girls 12&U, it was the 1-2-3 punch of Toni Castillo, Alyssa Martin and Marisa Broersma that did in Grandview. Castillo won all five of the individual events, Martin placed second in all five races and Broersma was a four-time third place finisher for the Sharks. The trio also teamed with Jackie Rodriguez and Jordain Saenz to win the freestyle and medley relay races.

In girls 16&U, Grandview had no answer for Katie Knee. She was untouchable enroute to winning all five individual races. Sunnyside also showed its depth with Rachelle Durfey bringing home two runner-up finishes and two third place showings, and with Crystal Moore claiming one second place finish and three fourth place finishes.

In boys 8&U, Sunnyside outscored the Neptunes by a 44-0 margin. Claiming wins for the Sharks were Fox Rodriguez, Joel Martin, Timmy Martinez and Alex Perez.

Sunnyside was nearly as dominant in the boys 12&U events, piling up a 64-11 advantage. Jacob Hollander was the key for the Sharks, as he raced to four individual victories and placed second in the other race. Teammate Christian Vargas was a two-time runner-up in that age division, and Sunnyside's Edgar Vargas placed third four times.

Although the Sharks cruised to the relatively easy win last night, it wasn't as though Grandview didn't provide a bit of firepower of its own. The Neptunes received exceptional performances from Tiana Perez, Kinzi Poteet, Danelle Cowan, Jared Churchill, Keagan Christensen, Matt Concienne, Jase Michener and Kevin Concienne. Together, the eight Grandview swimmers accounted for 26 victories and 196 of the 287 points the Neptunes garnered last night.

Sunnyside 480-Grandview 287

160-yard medley relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Grandview (S. Castaneda, A. Van Pelt, L. Gonzalez, A. Marquez) 2:59.89.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (T. Weddle, G. Rodriguez, T. Tyhuis, A. Garza) 2:38.03.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (J. Saenz, T. Castillo, A. Martin, M. Broersma) 2:08.00.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Vargas, C. Vargas, J. Hollander, O. Vergara) 2:19.46.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Anderson, J. Mendoza, M. Dolan, K. Broersma) 1:59.09.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (K. Knee, R. Durfey, S. Stiller, C. Moore) 1:49.18.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Grandview (M. Concienne, K. Concienne, J. Michener, K. Womach) 1:51.50.

40-yard butterfly

Girls 8&U: 1st-L. Anderson (S) 43.28, 2nd-T. Perez (G) 51.71, 3rd-N. Hernandez (S), 4th-A. Spidle (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-F. Rodriguez (S) 1:07.90.

Girls 10&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 34.59, 2nd-T. Van Corbach (S) 39.00, 3rd-D. Kranz (S), 4th-A. Newhouse (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-J. Churchill (G) 35.75, 2nd-T. Tyhuis (S) 36.12, 3rd-G. Rodriguez (S), 4th-E. Partch (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 25.81, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 30.53, 3rd-N. Charvet (G), 4th-J. Saenz (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 29.34, 2nd-C. Vargas (S) 32.09, 3rd-E. Vargas (S), 4th-B. Michener (G).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Poteet (G) 25.62, 2nd-M. Dolan (S) 27.34, 3rd-C. Schenck (G), 4th-J. Mendoza (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-K. Christensen (G) 25.43, 2nd-J. Anderson (S) 27.09, 3rd-R. Contreras (G), 4th-A. Henry (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 23.40, 2nd-A. Grow (G) 25.13, 3rd-R. Durfey (S), 4th-C. Moore (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-J. Michener (G) 25.81, 2nd-M. Concienne (G) 26.68, 3rd-A. Henry (S), 4th-J. Kresse (S).

Girls 18&U: 1st-D. Cowan (G) 29.82, 2nd-R. Morales (G) 30.40, 3rd-J. Davis (G).

Boys 18&U: 1st-K. Concienne (G) 26.75.

40-yard breaststroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-T. Hall (G) 47.68, 2nd-L. Anderson (S) 48.93, 3rd-T. Perez (G), 4th-A. Stutesman (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-J. Martin (S) 52.78, 2nd-C. Murphy (S) 58.21.

Girls 10&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 38.81, 2nd-A. Newhouse (S) 40.53, 3rd-C. Rollinger (S), 4th-T. Van Corbach (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-G. Rodriguez (S) 36.90, 2nd-J. Churchill (G) 41.15, 3rd-T. Tyhuis (S), 4th-A. Garza (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 31.78, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 32.09, 3rd-M. Broersma (S), 4th-H. Weber (G).

Boys 12&U: 1st-B. Michener (G) 31.84, 2nd-J. Hollander (S) 33.75, 3rd-C. Vargas (S), 4th-H. Tramel (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Broersma (S) 30.21, 2nd-K. Poteet (G) 31.03, 3rd-M. Dolan (S), 4th-C. Schenck (G).

Boys 14&U: 1st-K. Christensen (G) 28.34, 2nd-J. Anderson (S) 33.46, 3rd-A. Henry (S), 4th-S. McMinimee (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 28.12, 2nd-C. Moore (S) 30.03, 3rd-R. Durfey (S), 4th-K. Guillen (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-J. Michener (G) 28.78, 2nd-A. Henry (S) 29.34, 3rd-J. Kresse (S), 4th-Z. Wagner (S).

Girls 18&U: 1st-D. Cowan (G) 30.62, 2nd-J. Davis (G) 40.87, 3rd-R. Morales (G).

Boys 18&U: 1st-K. Concienne (G) 30.84.

40-yard backstroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-L. Anderson (S) 46.06, 2nd-T. Perez (G) 46.75, 3rd-P. Sample (S), 4th-S. Hollander (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-T. Martinez (S) 1:01.00, 2nd-A. Perez (S) 1:01.90, 3rd-F. Rodriguez (S), 4th-C. Murphy (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-H. Hollander (S) 38.65, 2nd-B. Broersma (S) 38.75, 3rd-D. Kranz (S), 4th-S. Castaneda (G).

Boys 10&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 37.93, 2nd-J. Churchill (G) 40.19, 3rd-G. Rodriguez (S), 4th-T. Weddle (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 29.62, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 32.00, 3rd-M. Broersma (S), 4th-J. Rodriguez (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 31.18, 2nd-B. Michener (G) 35.84, 3rd-E. Vargas (S), 4th-T. Stiteler (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Poteet (G) 28.03, 2nd-K. Broersma (S), 3rd-M. Dolan (S), 4th-J. Mendoza (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-K. Christensen (G) 29.25, 2nd-R. Contreras (G) 30.59, 3rd-J. Anderson (S), 4th-S. Jaquish (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 26.12, 2nd-A. Grow (G) 29.25, 3rd-B. Morris (S), 4th-C. Moore (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-M. Concienne (G) 29.03, 2nd-J. Michener (G) 34.77, 3rd-K. Womach (G), 4th-Z. Wagner (S).

Girls 18&U: 1st-D. Cowan (G) 31.21, 2nd-J. Davis (G) 35.56.

Boys 18&U: 1st-K. Concienne (G) 36.35.

40-yard freestyle

Girls 8&U: 1st-T. Perez (G) 36.53, 2nd-T. Pierce (G) 40.87, 3rd-N. Hernandez (S), 4th-T. Hall (G).

Boys 8&U: 1st-A. Perez (S) 50.40, 2nd-F. Rodriguez (S) 55.90, 3rd-T. Martinez (S), 4th-C. Murphy (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 28.06, 2nd-T. Van Corbach (S) 29.93, 3rd-H. Hollander (S), 4th-A. Rodriguez (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 28.00, 2nd-J. Churchill (G) 31.00, 3rd-G. Rodriguez (S), 4th-A. Garza (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 23.28, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 24.40, 3rd-M. Broersma (S), 4th-K. Phillips (G).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 25.09, 2nd-O. Vergara (S) 27.68, 3rd-E. Vargas (S), 4th-T. Stiteler (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Poteet (G) 22.90, 2nd-H. Broersma (S) 23.96, 3rd-M. Dolan (S), 4th-E. Anderson (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-K. Christensen (G) 22.43, 2nd-J. Anderson (S) 22.90, 3rd-R. Contreras (G), 4th-A. Henry (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 22.00, 2nd-R. Durfey (S) 22.78, 3rd-A. Grow (G), 4th-C. Moore (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-M. Concienne (G) 22.00, 2nd-T. Chester (G) 22.04, 3rd-J. Michener (G), 4th-Z. Wagner (S).

Girls 18&U: 1st-D. Cowan (G) 26.31, 2nd-J. Davis (G) 26.75.

Boys 18&U: 1st-K. Concienne (G) 22.93.

160-yard freestyle relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (H. Hollander, B. Broersma, A. Newhouse, T. Van Corbach) 2:15.50.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (G. Rodriguez, A. Garza, D. Guillen, T. Tyhuis) 2:20.90.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (A. Martin, J. Rodriguez, M. Broersma, T. Castillo) 1:50.84.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Vargas, O. Vergara, T. Stiteler, J. Hollander) 1:51.37.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Anderson, M. Dolan, J. Mendoza, K. Broersma) 1:45.00.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (A. Henry, S. Jaquish, J. Anderson, S. McMinimee) 1:54.03.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (C. Moore, R. Durfey, M. Razey, K. Knee) 1:39.96.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Grandview (J. Michener, K. Concienne, M. Concienne, T. Chester) 1:46.40.

160-yard individual medley

Girls 10&U: 1st-T. Van Corbach (S) 3:10.21, 2nd-A. Newhouse (S) 3:14.85, 3rd-H. Hollander (S), 4th-A. Van Pelt (G).

Boys 10&U: 1st-J. Churchill (G) 2:52.25, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (S) 3:03.65, 3rd-D. Guillen (S), 4th-A. Palomarez (G).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 2:23.62, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 2:32.34, 3rd-M. Broersma (S), 4th-H. Weber (G).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 2:26.43, 2nd-C. Vargas (S) 2:48.50, 3rd-E. Vargas (S), 4th-H. Tramel (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Broersma (S) 2:17.34, 2nd-K. Poteet (G) 2:17.53, 3rd-C. Schenck (G), 4th-M. Schlenker (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-K. Christensen (G) 2:22.25, 2nd-R. Contreras (G) 2:31.62, 3rd-J. Anderson (S), 4th-A. Henry (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 2:07.96, 2nd-R. Durfey (S) 2:20.52, 3rd-K. Veloz (G), 4th-A. McLean (G).

Boys 16&U: 1st-D. Knee (S) 2:04.00, 2nd-A. Henry (S) 2:24.85, 3rd-M. Concienne (G), 4th-Z. Wagner (S).

Boys 18&U: 1st-K. Concienne (G) 2:28.71.


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