Castillo, Knee, Hollander, Morris power S'side Sharks to season opening win


Sunnyside's Megan Schlenker powers towards the wall in one of last night's girls butterfly races. The Sharks opened the season with a convincing win over league powerhouse Selah.

While it was a true team effort by Sunnyside that sunk the visiting Selah Dolphins last night, the foursome of Toni Castillo, Katie Knee, Jacob Hollander and Riley Morris were the Sharks that provided the muscle.

In the Mid-Valley Summer Swim League opener for both teams Tuesday evening, Sunnyside splashed past the Dolphins, 449-312.

Castillo, Knee, Hollander and Morris-between all four-garnered 23 victories for the Sharks. All told, Sunnyside won 39 of the 72 races. Selah picked up 33 victories.

Castillo dominated the girls 12&U events, winning all five of the individual races. She also anchored the winning girls 12&U freestyle relay squad. Castillo's toughest challenge, in the 50-meter breaststroke, came from Selah's Shannon Gaskill, who finished approximately three-tenths of a second back for runner-up honors.

Knee was a dynamo in the girls 16&U division. She was never seriously challenged in any of the five individual races. Her largest margin of victory in piling up the five wins came in the 200-meter individual medley, where she glided to a 20-second win over Selah's Allison Filcher.

Hollander was the class of the field in the boys 12&U division. He won four of the five individual events. In the one race he didn't win, the 50-meter breaststroke, he placed second to teammate Brad Luff. Hollander also teamed with Luff, Edgar Vargas and Omar Vergara to snatch a pair of wins in the 200-meter freestyle relay and 200-meter medley relay races.

Morris was a four-time winner for the Sharks last night. He swam unopposed in the boys 18&U races. His four victories earned Sunnyside 24 team points.

Sunnyside's strength last night was its breaststroke competitors. The Sharks outscored Selah by an 85-57 margin in those races. The Dolphins actually picked up seven breakstroke victories compared to the five claimed by Sunnyside, but the Sharks nailed down eight runner-up finishes while Selah could only manage two second place finishes.

Selah, year in and year out a serious contender for the league title, brought several of its swimmers to Sunnyside who will be a force with which to be reckoned this summer. Most notable were Dalaine Viernes, who won all five of the girls 10&U individual races; Sara Lichota, a four-time winner in the girls 14&U division; Scott Smith, a four-race winner in the boys 10&U division; and Jon Gaskill, who piled up three individual victories and two second place finishes in the boys 16&U events.

One swimmer who may quickly develop a target on his back is newcomer Fox Rodriguez. A boys 8&U competitor, the mighty mite Shark picked up wins for Sunnyside in the 50-meter butterfly and freestyle races. He also claimed a runner-up finish in the 50-breast.

Sunnyside, too, received a couple of noteworthy performances last night from 8&U swimmers Alex Perez and Timmy Martinez. Perez won the 50-meter breaststroke race and placed second in the 50 back and free events. Martinez was the 50-meter backstroke winner in his age grouping, and placed third in the 50-free.

Other one-time winners for Sunnyside last night, in the individual races, included Lindsay Anderson in the girls 8&U 'fly, Tad Tyhuis in the boys 10&U free, Jacob Anderson in the boys 14&U individual medley, Alex Henry in the boys 16&U individual medley, and David Knee in the boys 16&U backstroke.

Sunnyside 449-Selah 312

200-meter medley relay

Girls 10&U-1st Sunnyside (B. Broersma, A. Newhouse, T. Van Corbach, S. Hernandez) 3:47.07.

Boys 10&U-1st-Sunnyside (D. Guillen, G. Rodriguez, T. Tyhuis, A. Garza) 3:54.09.

Girls 12&U-1st-Selah (R. Viernes, S. Smith, S. Gaskill, N. Bannister) 2:50.59.

Boys 12&U-1st-Sunnyside (E. Vargas, B. Luff, J. Hollander, O. Vergara) 3:10.79.

Girls 14&U-1st-Sunnyside (E. Anderson, J. Mendoza, M. Schlenker, K. Broersma) 2:55.75.

Boys 14&U-1st-Selah (A. Yager, J. Richardson, A. Bannister, A. Estella) 2:55.12.

Girls 18&U-1st-Sunnyside (B. Morris, C. Moore, K. Knee, R. Durfey) 2:38.50.

Boys 18&U-1st-Sunnyside (J. Kresse, A. Henry, D. Knee, Z. Wagner) 2:39.24.

50-meter butterfly

Girls 8&U-1st-L. Anderson (SS) 1:07.34, 2nd-K. Ergeson (Se) 1:13.17, 3rd-A. Spidle (SS), 4th-M. Garza (Se).

Boys 8&U-1st-F. Rodriguez (SS) 1:33.09.

Girls 10&U-1st-D. Viernes (Se) 50.25, 2nd-T. Van Corbach (SS) 1:03.57, 3rd-A. Newhouse (SS), 4th-A. Rodriguez (SS).

Boys 10&U-1st-S. Smith (Se) 53.00, T. Tyhuis (SS) 1:00.58, 3rd-W. Thomas (Se), 4th-A. Garza (SS).

Girls 12&U-1st-T. Castillo (SS) 38.35, 2nd-N. Bannister (Se) 40.12, 3rd-R. Viernes (Se), 4th-A. Martin (SS).

Boys 12&U-1st-J. Hollander (SS) 42.56, 2nd-B. Luff (SS) 47.29, 3rd-C. Vargas (SS), 4th-E. Vargas (SS).

Girls 14&U-1st-J. Berube (Se) 39.21, 2nd-S. Lichota (Se) 40.25, 3rd-K. Broersma (SS), 4th-J. Mendoza (SS).

Boys 14&U-1st-J. Richardson (Se) 34.05, 2nd-A. Bannister (Se) 40.15, 3rd-J. Gaskill (Se), 4th-J. Anderson (SS).

Girls 16&U-1st-K. Knee (SS) 34.22, 2nd-A. Filcher (Se) 36.47, 3rd-E. Beemer (Se), 4th-R. Durfey (SS).

Boys 16&U-1st-J. Gaskill (Se) 34.56, 2nd-A. Henry (SS) 40.03, 3rd-D. Knee (SS), 4th-J. Kresse (SS).

Girls 18&U-1st-M. Gordy (Se) 47.59.

Boys 18&U-1st-R. Morris (SS) 33.84.

50-meter breaststroke

Girls 8&U-1st-K. Ergeson (Se) 1:08.20, 2nd-L. Anderson (SS) 1:09.81, 3rd-A. Stutesman (SS), 4th-N. Hernandez (SS).

Boys 8&U-1st-A. Perez (SS) 1:16.03, 2nd-F. Rodriguez (SS) 1:24.31, 3rd-C. Murphy (SS), 4th-J. Martin (SS).

Girls 10&U-1st-D. Viernes (Se) 56.43, 2nd-B. Broersma (SS) 56.81, 3rd-A. Newhouse (SS), 4th-S. Hernandez (SS).

Boys 10&U-1st-S. Smith (Se) 55.41, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (SS) 56.00, 3rd-T. Tyhuis (SS), 4th-W. Thomas (Se).

Girls 12&U-1st-T. Castillo (SS) 45.43, 2nd-S. Gaskill (Se) 45.75, 3rd-A. Martin (SS), 4th-R. Viernes (Se).

Boys 12&U-1st-B. Luff (SS) 50.59, 2nd-J. Hollander (SS) 52.10, 3rd-C. Vargas (SS), 4th-K. Raschko (Se).

Girls 14&U-1st-S. Lichota (Se) 45.38, 2nd-K. Broersma (SS) 45.56, 3rd-J. Mendoza (SS), 4th-M. Jones (Se).

Boys 14&U-1st-J. Gaskill (Se) 43.34, 2nd-J. Richardson (Se) 44.43, 3rd-A. Estella (Se), 4th-J. Anderson (SS).

Girls 16&U-1st-K. Knee (SS) 43.12, 2nd-R. Durfey (SS) 44.59, 3rd-C. Moore (SS), 4th-P. Simon (Se).

Boys 16&U-1st-J. Gaskill (Se) 39.26, 2nd-A. Henry (SS) 42.87, 3rd-D. Knee (SS), 4th-J. Kresse (SS).

Girls 18&U-1st-M. Gordy (Se) 53.40.

Boys 18&U-1st-R. Morris (SS) 39.56.

50-meter backstroke

Girls 8&U-1st-K. Ergeson (Se) 58.53, 2nd-S. Hollander (SS) 1:03.68, 3rd-L. Anderson (SS), 4th-A. Stutesman (SS).

Boys 8&U-1st-T. Martinez (SS) 1:25.25, 2nd-A. Perez (SS) 1:27.90, 3rd-C. Martin (SS), 4th-F. Rodriguez (SS).

Girls 10&U-1st-D. Viernes (Se) 53.56, 2nd-H. Bannister (Se) 53.81, 3rd-B. Broersma (SS), 4th-H. Hollander (SS).

Boys 10&U-1st-S. Smith (Se) 49.58, 2nd-T. Tyhuis (SS) 52.43, 3rd-T. Cyr (Se), 4th-G. Rodriguez (SS).

Girls 12&U-1st-T. Castillo (SS) 42.75, 2nd-R. Viernes (Se) 43.01, 3rd-N. Bannister (Se), 4th-A. Martin (SS).

Boys 12&U-1st-J. Hollander (SS) 46.40, 2nd-E. Vargas (SS) 50.93, 3rd-B. Luff (SS), 4th-O. Vergara (SS).

Girls 14&U-1st-S. Lichota (Se) 40.56, 2nd-K. Broersma (SS) 41.00, 3rd-M. Jones (Se), 4th-J. Mendoza (SS).

Boys 14&U-1st-A. Bannister (Se) 44.15, 2nd-J. Richardson (Se) 44.25, 3rd-A. Estella (Se), 4th-J. Anderson (SS).

Girls 16&U-1st-K. Knee (SS) 38.84, 2nd-A. Filcher (Se) 39.68, 3rd-C. Moore (SS), 4th-B. Morris (SS).

Boys 16&U-1st-D. Knee (SS) 42.97, 2nd-J. Gaskill (Se) 42.97, 3rd-P. Gonseth (Se), 4th-A. Henry (SS).

Girls 18&U-1st-M. Gordy (Se) 44.87.

Boys 18&U-1st-R. Morris (SS) 45.75.

50-meter freestyle

Girls 8&U-1st-K. Ergeson (Se) 54.57, 2nd-L. Anderson (SS) 56.73, 3rd-A. Stutesman (SS), 4th-A. Spidel (SS).

Boys 8&U-1st-F. Rodriguez (SS) 1:11.00, 2nd-A. Perez (SS) 1:17.61, 3rd-T. Martinez (SS), 4th-J. Martin (SS).

Girls 10&U-1st-D. Viernes (Se) 40.75, 2nd-B. Broersma (SS) 42.19, 3rd-K. Staymetts (Se), 4th-T. Van Corbach (SS).

Boys 10&U-1st-T. Tyhuis (SS) 40.87, 2nd-S. Smith (Se) 41.21, 3rd-W. Thomas (Se), 4th-G. Rodriguez (SS).

Girls 12&U-1st-T. Castillo (SS) 33.84, 2nd-N. Bannister (Se) 35.23, 3rd-A. Martin (SS), 4th-R. Viernes (Se).

Boys 12&U-1st-J. Hollander (SS) 36.53, 2nd-B. Luff (SS) 40.57, 3rd-K. Raschko (Se), 4th-O. Vergara (SS).

Girls 14&U-1st-S. Lichota (Se) 33.05, 2nd-K. Broersma (SS) 34.78, 3rd-M. Dolan (SS), 4th-E. Anderson (SS).

Boys 14&U-1st-J. Richardson (Se) 31.31, 2nd-J. Gaskill (Se) 33.75, 3rd-J. Anderson (SS), 4th-A. Bannister (Se).

Girls 16&U-1st-K. Knee (SS) 31.23, 2nd-A. Filcher (Se) 33.77, 3rd-R. Durfey (SS), 4th-C. Moore (SS).

Boys 16&U-1st-T. Gaskill (Se) 28.57, 2nd-A. Henry (SS) 34.77, 3rd-Z. Wagner (SS), 4th-D. Knee (SS).

Girls 18&U-1st-M. Gordey (Se) 36.75.

Boys 18&U-1st-R. Morris (SS) 31.06.

200-meter freestyle relay

Girls 10&U-1st-Sunnyside (A. Newhouse, T. Van Corbach, S. Hernandez, B. Broersma).

Girls 12&U-1st-Sunnyside (A. Van Oostrum, M. Broersma, A. Martin, T. Castillo) 2:41.60.

Boys 12&U-1st-Sunnyside (B. Luff, E. Vargas, O. Vergara, J. Hollander) 2:42.42.

Girls 14&U-1st-Sunnyside (M. Schlenker, E. Anderson, J. Mendoza, K. Broersma) 2:34.68.

Boys 14&U-1st-Selah (J. Gaskill, A. Bannister, A. Bannister, T. Richardson) 2:27.87.

Girls 18&U-1st-Sunnyside (C. Moore, R. Durfey, K. Knee, B. Morris) 2:23.63.

Boys 18&U-1st-Selah (P. Gonseth, J. Gaskill, T. Gaskill, T. Richardson) 2:24.37.

200-meter individual medley

Girls 10&U-1st-D. Viernes (Se) 4:10.46, 2nd-A. Newhouse (SS) 4:59.05, 3rd-H. Hollander (SS), 4th-T. Van Corbach (SS).

Boys 10&U-1st-S. Smith (Se) 4:04.02, 2nd-T. Tyhuis (SS) 4:09.60, 3rd-W. Thomas (Se), 4th-D. Guillen (SS).

Girls 12&U-1st-T. Castillo (SS) 3:26.11, 2nd-A. Martin (SS) 3:41.03, 3rd-R. Viernes (Se), 4th-S. Smith (Se).

Boys 12&U-1st-J. Hollander (SS) 3:36.82, 2nd-B. Luff (SS) 3:55.72, 3rd-E. Vargas (SS), 4th-O. Vergara (SS).

Girls 14&U-1st-K. Knee (SS) 3:09.84, 2nd-A. Filcher (Se) 3:29.88, 3rd-C. Moore (SS), 4th-B. Beeman (Se).

Boys 16&U-1st-A. Henry (SS) 3:21.12, 2nd-J. Gaskill (Se) 3:29.75, 3rd-D. Knee (SS), 4th-Z. Wagner (SS).

Girls 18&U-1st-M. Gordy (Se) 4:02.99.


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