Sharks successfully defend home turf against Barracudas


Katie Knee won the girls 16&U breast stroke race last night for the Sharks. Sunnyside will be back in action July 5 at Toppenish.

Sweeping all 16 of the relay races, and winning 41 of the 52 individual events, the Sunnyside Sharks blew the visiting Naches Barracudas out of the water last night.

The lopsided 550-161 win comes as no surprise. Naches perenially finishes in the cellar of the Mid-Valley Summer Swim League standings each year.

The 11 victories garnered by Naches Thursday evening came from just four swimmers: four by C. Davidson, who swam unopposed in girls 18&U; two by P. Enquist in girls 10&U; two apiece by C. Farnum and D. Johnson in boys 14&U; and one by Luke Gillespie in boys 12&U.

Sunnyside was paced to the easy victory by Toni Castillo (girls 12&U) and Katie Knee (girls 16&U), each of whom won all five individual races in their age divisions and swam on two winning relay squads.

The Sharks also got top-notch efforts from Kaitlyn Broersma (girls 14&U), Tad Tyhuis (boys 10&U) and Jacob Hollander (boys 12&U), each of whom won four of the five individual events in their respective age divisions. All three swimmers also picked up two relay wins, as well.

Nailing down three wins apiece for the Sharks in the individual races were Lyndsee Anderson in girls 8&U, Brittany Broersma in girls 10&U, Alex Perez in boys 8&U and Alexander Henry in boys 16&U.

The Sharks' Zile Wagner was the lone Sunnyside swimmer to notch two victories in the individual races. He competes in the boys 16&U division.

Scoring one win apiece for Sunnyside in the individual races were Payton Sample in girls 8&U, Megan Tyler in girls 14&U, Fox Rodriguez in boys 8&U, Giovanni Rodriguez in boys 10&U and Jakob Anderson in boys 14&U.

The race of the night may have been the girls 8&U 50-meter backstroke. The naked eye had a tough time differentiating the first, second, third and fourth place finishers. Once the timing watches were reviewed, though, it was Sunnyside's Payton Sample who came out on top with a clocking of 1:08.34. Her teammate, Lyndsee Anderson, was just eight one-hundredths of a second back for the second place nod, and K. Roberts of Naches clocked a 1:08.66 time for the third place finish. Sunnyside's Natalie Hernandez was a close fourth with a time of 1:09.43.

Thursday's win boosted the Sharks' league record to 5-0 on the season. Sunnyside closes out the first half of the season next Tuesday, July 5, at Toppenish against the Tarpons.

Sunnyside 550-Naches 161

200-meter medley relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (B. Broersma, A. Newhouse, T. Van Corbach, H. Hollander) 3:44.05.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (D. Guillen, G. Rodriguez, T. Tyhuis, A. Garza) 4:01.93.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (J. Saenz, A. Martin, T. Castillo, M. Broersma) 3:03.49.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Vargas, B. Luff, J. Hollander, O. Vergara) 3:06.56.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Anderson, J. Mendoza, M. Schlenker, K. Broersma) 2:59.32.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (S. Jaquish, A. Henry, J. Anderson, S. McMinimee) 3:16.61.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (B. Stiteler, C. Moore, K. Knee, B. Morris) 2:42.62.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (J. Kresse, A. Henry, J. Anderson, Z. Wagner) 2:58.26.

50-meter butterfly

Girls 8&U: 1st-L. Anderson (S) 1:10.65, 2nd-N. Hernandez (S) 1:17.43, 3rd-A. Spidle (S) 1:25.50, 4th-H. Vergara (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-F. Rodriguez (S) 1:49.53.

Girls 10&U: 1st-P. Enquist (N) 50.93, 2nd-B. Broersma (S) 51.27, 3rd-T. Van Corbach (S) 57.31, 4th-A. Newhouse (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 53.62, 2nd-E. Partch (S) 1:10.56, 3rd-G. Rodriguez (S) 1:10.31, 4th-C. Schlenker (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 36.23, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 44.43, 3rd-H. Davidson (N) 45.25, 4th-J. Rodriguez (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 40.93, 2nd-B. Luff (S) 45.21, 3rd-C. Vargas (S) 49.00, 4th-T. Stiteler (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-M. Tyler (S) 41.25, 2nd-K. Broersma (S) 44.21, 3rd-J. Mendoza (S) 45.50, 4th-T. Ranger (N).

Boys 14&U: 1st-J. Anderson (S) 39.76, 2nd-C. Farnum (N) 39.85, 3rd-D. Johnson (N) 42.25, 4th-C. Newhouse (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 33.43, 2nd-B. Robicheau (N) 37.53, 3rd-C. Moore (S) 38.65, 4th-J. Enquist (N).

Boys 16&U: 1st-A. Henry (S) 42.78, 2nd-Z. Wagner (S) 46.62, 3rd-J. Kresse (S) 46.80.

Girls 18&U: 1st-C. Davidson (N) 40.75, 2nd-K. Richardson (N) 44.06.

50-meter breaststroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-L. Anderson (S) 1:11.30, 2nd-A. Stutesman (S) 1:19.20, 3rd-N. Hernandez (S) 1:19.93, 4th-A. Spidle (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-A. Perez (S) 1:10.23, 2nd-J. Martin (S) 1:16.94, 3rd-T. Martinez (S) 2:02.03.

Girls 10&U: 1st-P. Enquist (N) 54.28, 2nd-B. Broersma (S) 55.18, 3rd-S. Nelson (N) 57.28, 4th-A. Newhouse (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-G. Rodriguez (S) 52.96, 2nd-T. Tyhuis (S) 1:07.84, 3rd-A. Garza (S) 1:12.87, 4th-D. Guillen (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 43.93, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 45.69, 3rd-M. Broersma (S) 50.63, 4th-H. Davidson (N).

Boys 12&U: 1st-L. Gillespie (N) 48.68, 2nd-J. Hollander (S) 48.86, 3rd-B. Luff (S) 52.88, 4th-T. Stiteler (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Broersma (S) 45.53, 2nd-M. Tyler (S) 50.18, 3rd-B. Dekker (N) 50.31, 4th-M. Schlenker (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-C. Farnum (N) 42.75, 2nd-J. Anderson (S) 48.83, 3rd-S. McMinimee (S) 49.68, 4th-A. Henry (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 40.68, 2nd-C. Moore (S) 44.72, 3rd-B. Morris (S) 48.18, 4th-B. Stiteler (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-A. Henry (S) 46.37, 2nd-Z. Wagner (S) 50.25, 3rd-D. Johnson (N) 50.71, 4th-J. Kresse (S).

Girls 18&U: 1st-C. Davidson (N) 50.33, 2nd-K. Richardson (N) 51.68.

50-meter backstroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-P. Sample (S) 1:08.34, 2nd-L. Anderson (S) 1:08.42, 3rd-K. Roberts (N) 1:08.66, 4th-N. Hernandez (S).

Boys 8&U: 1st-A. Perez (S) 1:16.93, 2nd-C. Martin (S) 1:24.63, 3rd-T. Martinez (S) 1:32.50, 4th-F. Rodriguez (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 50.39, 2nd-P. Enquist (N) 54.15, 3rd-H. Hollander (S) 55.46, 4th-D. Kranz (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 43.37, 2nd-A. DeBord (N) 47.65, 3rd-E. Vargas (S) 49.53, 4th-D. Johnson (N).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Broersma (S) 40.40, 2nd-M. Tyler (S) 43.18, 3rd-S. Schab (N) 43.62, 4th-B. Dekker (N).

Boys 14&U: 1st-D. Johnson (N) 43.06, 2nd-C. Farnum (N) 44.37,3rd-J. Anderson (S) 49.08, 4th-S. Jaquish (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 37.68, 2nd-B. Robicheau (N) 41.12, 3rd-C. Moore (S) 44.23, 4th-B. Morris (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-A. Henry (S) 48.09, 2nd-Z. Wagner (S) 50.34, 3rd-J. Kresse (S) 57.78.

Girls 18&U: 1st-C. Davidson (N) 45.56, 2nd-K. Richardson (N) 48.52.

50-meter freestyle

Girls 8&U: 1st-L. Anderson (S) 53.06, 2nd-A. Spidle (S) 1:01.35, 3rd-N. Hernandez (S) 1:02.75, 4th-A.St. Martin (N).

Boys 8&U: 1st-A. Perez (S) 1:12.08, 2nd-F. Rodriguez (S) 1:16.68, 3rd-T. Martinez (S) 1:18.59, 4th-C. Martin (S).

Girls 10&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 40.18, 2nd-P. Enquist (N) 41.34, 3rd-T. Van Corbach (S) 43.46, 4th-S. Nelson (N).

Boys 10&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 40.46, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (S) 48.71, 3rd-A. Garza (S) 52.86, 4th-D. Guillen (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 33.75, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 35.95, 3rd-H. Davison (N) 36.02, 4th-M. Broersma (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 35.31, 2nd-L. Gillespie (N) 36.37, 3rd-T. Stiteler (S) 40.13, 4th-H. Tramel (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Broersma (S) 35.15, 2nd-E. Anderson (S) 36.91, 3rd-S. Schab (N) 37.81, 4th-M. Tyler (S).

Boys 14&U: 1st-D. Johnson (N) 32.93, 2nd-J. Anderson (S) 33.25, 3rd-C. Farnum (N) 33.53, 4th-A. Henry (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 31.59, 2nd-B. Robicheau (N) 34.62, 3rd-C. Moore (S) 35.46, 4th-B. Morris (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-Z. Wagner (S) 34.62, 2nd-A. Henry (S) 38.74, 3rd-J. Kresse (S) 42.18.

Girls 18&U: 1st-C. Davidson (N) 35.81, 2nd-K. Richardson (N) 35.99.

200-meter freestyle relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (H. Hollander, B. Broersma, A. Newhouse, T. Van Corbach) 3:14.31.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (A. Garza, G. Rodriguez, T. Weddle, T. Tyhuis) 3:32.99.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (M. Broersma, A. Martin, J. Saenz, T. Castillo) 2:40.40.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (O. Vergara, B. Luff, E. Vargas, J. Hollander) 2:45.13.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (E. Anderson, M. Schlenker, J. Mendoza, K. Broersma) 2:33.43.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Sunnyside (S. McMinimee, A. Henry, S. Jaquish, J. Anderson) 2:43.10.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (C. Moore, B. Morris, M. Razey, K. Knee) 2:25.68.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Sunnyside (J. Kresse, A. Henry, S. McMinimee, Z. Wagner) 2:35.21.

200-meter individual medley

Girls 10&U: 1st-B. Broersma (S) 3:58.45, 2nd-P. Enquist (N) 3:58.65, 3rd-T. Van Corbach (S) 4:27.18, 4th-A. Newhouse (S).

Boys 10&U: 1st-T. Tyhuis (S) 3:54.39, 2nd-G. Rodriguez (S) 4:25.12, 3rd-A. Garza (S) 5:28.64, 4th-C. Schlenker (S).

Girls 12&U: 1st-T. Castillo (S) 3:19.27, 2nd-A. Martin (S) 3:32.18, 3rd-A. Davidson (N) 3:35.62, 4th-M. Broersma (S).

Boys 12&U: 1st-J. Hollander (S) 3:22.15, 2nd-L. Gillespie (N) 4:00.93, 3rd-T. Stiteler (S) 4:07.42, 4th-G. Stutesman (S).

Girls 14&U: 1st-K. Broersma (S) 3:18.85, 2nd-M. Tyler (S) 3:37.81, 3rd-S. Schab (N) 3:46.34, 4th-T. Ranger (N).

Boys 14&U: 1st-C. Farnum (N) 3:26.30, 2nd-D. Johnson (N) 3:26.36, 3rd-J. Anderson (S) 3:57.03, 4th-S. McMinimee (S).

Girls 16&U: 1st-K. Knee (S) 2:59.07, 2nd-C. Moore (S) 3:21.93, 3rd-J. Enquist (N) 3:38.19, 4th-M. Razey (S).

Boys 16&U: 1st-Z. Wagner (S) 4:08.45.


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