Mid-Valley Summer Swim League Championship Meet

WAPATO - The first and second place finishers in each event at the July 29-31 Mid-Valley Summer Swim League Championship Meet are listed below, as well as all the Sunnyside swimmers who earned team points by garnering a "Top 8" finish.

200-meter individual medley

Girls 10&U: 1st-Paige Enquist (N) 3:32.52, 2nd-Dalainee Viernes (Se) 3:34.63, 5th-Brittany Broersma (Su) 3:42.70, 7th-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 3:52.19.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Scott Smith (Se) 3:33.85, 2nd-Jeremy Klarich (W) 3:39.76, 7th-Giovanni Rodriguez (Su) 4:09.35.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Toni Castillo (Su) 3:00.83, 2nd-Nicole Bannister (Se) 3:09.17.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Jacob Hollander (Su) 3:10.82, 2nd-Brad Luff (Su) 3:18.68, 7th-Cristian Vargas (Su) 3:35.53, 8th-Edgar Vargas (Su) 3:35.69.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sara Lichota (Se) 2:59.06, 2nd-Sydney Mottice (G) 3:04.92, 5th-Kaitlyn Broersma (Su) 3:11.47.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Tyler Burgett (P) 2:51.88, 2nd-Anthony Galaviz (T) 2:52.87.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Katie Knee (Su) 2:58.85, 2nd-Diana Smith (P) 3:04.57, 4th-Rachelle Durfey (Su) 3:10.13, 6th-Crystal Moore (Su) 3:12.34.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Zach Schab (Se) 2:29.92 (pool record), 2nd-Elias Wilson (W) 2:44.98.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Megan Klarich (W) 2:56.34, 2nd-Leonie George (W) 3:01.45.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Chris Wilson (W) 2:44.42, 2nd-James Roberts (T) 2:52.25.

200-meter freestyle relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Tara Van Corbach, Sydney Hernandez, Brittany Broersma, Hannah Hollander) 2:49.52, 2nd-Selah 2:50.31, 6th-Sunnyside (Alex Newhouse, Danie Jo Kranz, Charley Beth Rollinger, Alexandra Valenzuela) 3:15.39.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Selah 2:43.73, 2nd-Wapato 2:47.81, 3rd-Sunnyside (Tad Tyhuis, Giovanni Rodriguez, Austin Garza, Tyler Weddle) 2:48.59, 6th-Sunnyside (Ethan Partch, Cameron Schlenker, Ethan Kantman, Tyler Kantman) 4:48.03.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Selah 2:22.35, 2nd-Sunnyside (Toni Castillo, Alyssa Martin, Jackie Rodriguez, Marisa Broersma) 2:24.92.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Jacob Hollander, Brad Luff, Omar Vergara, Edgar Vargas) 2:30.81, 2nd-Selah 2:32.69, 3rd-Sunnyside (Tim Stiteler, Cristian Vargas, Hank Tramel, Jared Ziegler) 2:42.87, 8th-Sunnyside (Dylan Graybeal, Grant Stutesman, Tony Garza, Darick Anderson) 3:17.10.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Selah 2:17.33, 2nd-Sunnyside (Erica Anderson, Molly Dolan, Megan Tyler, Kaitlyn Broersma) 2:17.89.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Selah 2:07.20, 2nd-Toppenish 2:13.31, 5th-Sunnyside (Stetson McMinimee, Matt Hatfield, Aaron Henry, Jakob Anderson) 2:37.51.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Wapato 2:13.03, 2nd-Sunnyside (Katie Knee, Rachelle Durfey, Crystal Moore, Beth Stiteler) 2:13.13, 7th-Sunnyside (Megan Razey, Bailey Morris, Julie Wedam, Heather Van Corbach) 2:37.15.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Prosser 1:56.79, 2nd-Selah 1:58.27, 5th-Sunnyside (Jacob Kresse, Alexander Henry, David Knee, Zile Wagner) 2:19.93.

50-meter backstroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-Kylie Ergeson (Se) 51.63, 2nd-Tiana Perez (G) 56.00, 7th-Sarah Hollander (Su) 1:06.06, 8th-Natalie Hernandez (Su) 1:06.14.

Boys 8&U: 1st-Max Jones (Se) 52.87, 2nd-Ryker Zier (Se) 54.37, 5th-Joel Martin (Su) 1:08.00, 7th-Christian Murphy (Su) 1:15.62, 8th-Alex Perez (Su) 1:16.30.

Girls 10&U: 1st-Kendall Watts (P) 44.89, 2nd-Brittany Broersma (Su) 46.03, 6th-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 53.43.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Kody Ergeson (Se) 45.69, 2nd-Scott Smith (Se) 45.77, 4th-Tad Tyhuis (Su) 47.79.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Nicole Bannister (Se) 37.97, 2nd-Toni Castillo (Su) 38.49, 8th-Alyssa Martin (Su) 44.13.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Jacob Hollander (Su) 40.34, 2nd-Andre Nunez (T) 42.52, 6th-Edgar Vargas (Su) 45.60, 8th-Brad Luff (Su) 46.97.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Kaitlyn Broersma (Su) 37.73, 2nd-Kinzi Poteet (G) 37.85, 6th-Molly Dolan (Su) 40.89, 8th-Megan Tyler (Su) 41.57.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Anthony Galaviz (T) 34.03, 2nd-Tyler Burgett (P) 37.00.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Katie Knee (Su) 37.48, 2nd-Allison Filcher (Se) 37.72.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Zach Schab (Se) 31.18 (pool record), 2nd-Elias Wilson (W) 34.69.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Katie Paulson (Se) 37.12, 2nd-Megan Klarich (W) 37.84.

Boys 18&U: 1st-James Roberts (T) 32.48, 2nd-Kyle Smeback (Se) 35.68.

50-meter freestyle

Girls 8&U: 1st-Kylie Ergeson (Se) 45.16, 2nd-Makensie Forsyth (P) 46.35, 3rd-Lyndsee Anderson (Su) 50.04, 5th-Natalie Hernandez (Su) 52.77, 7th-Payton Sample (Su) 55.95, 8th-Allison Stutesman (Su) 56.63.

Boys 8&U: 1st-Ryker Zier (Se) 42.80, 2nd-Max Jones (Se) 43.43, 5th-Alex Perez (Su) 55.92, 8th-Joel Martin (Su) 1:01.85.

Girls 10&U: 1st-Maddie Eakin (Se) 36.33, 2nd-Kendall Watts (P) 37.45, 6th-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 40.48, 8th-Brittany Broersma (Su) 41.04.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Tad Tyhuis (Su) 38.18, 2nd-Anthony Whiz (W) 38.22.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Toni Castillo (Su) 32.13, 2nd-Nicole Bannister (Se) 32.28, 3rd-Alyssa Martin (Su) 33.63.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Chris McKinney (P) 32.42, 2nd-Jacob Hollander (Su) 34.12, 4th-Hank Tramel (Su) 35.02, 7th-Brad Luff (Su) 38.00.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sara Lichota (Se) 31.71, 2nd-Kinzi Poteet (G) 31.90, 5th-Kaitlyn Broersma (Su) 33.30, 8th-Erica Anderson (Su) 35.04.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Anthony Galaviz (T) 28.76, 2nd-Jacob Richardson (Se) 29.59.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Hallie Stark (P) 30.21, 2nd-Katie Knee (Su) 31.50.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Zach Schab (Se) 26.23 (pool record), Burke Burgett (P) 28.50.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Katie Paulson (Se) 32.04, 2nd-Leonie George (W) 32.08.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Kyle Smeback (Se) 27.39, 2nd-Curtis Hata (W) 29.16.

200-meter medley relay

Girls 10&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Tara Van Corbach, Sydney Hernandez, Brittany Broersma, Hannah Hollander) 3:21.31, 2nd-Selah 3:26.40, 4th-Sunnyside (Alex Newhouse, Danie Jo Kranz, Charley Beth Rollinger, Alexandra Valenzuela) 3:53.99.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Wapato 3:16.09, 2nd-Selah 3:17.91.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Selah 2:43.01, 2nd-Sunnyside (Toni Castillo, Alyssa Martin, Jackie Rodriguez, Marisa Broersma) 2:47.27.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Sunnyside (Jacob Hollander, Brad Luff, Omar Vergara, Edgar Vargas) 2:56.21, 2nd-Wapato 3:07.10, 3rd-Sunnyside (Tim Stiteler, Cristian Vargas, Darick Anderson, Jared Ziegler) 3:17.22, 6th-Sunnyside (Dylan Graybeal, Tony Garza, Grant Stutesman, Brent Tyhuis) 3:55.67.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Selah 2:37.63, 2nd-Prosser 2:41.57, 4th-Sunnyside (Janelle Mendoza, Molly Dolan, Megan Tyler, Kaitlyn Broersma) 2:47.17.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Selah 2:26.99, 2nd-Toppenish 2:32.10, 4th-Sunnyside (Christopher Newhouse, Matt Hatfield, Aaron Henry, Jakob Anderson) 3:00.83.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Wapato 2:30.16, 2nd-Selah 2:34.07, 4th-Sunnyside (Katie Knee, Rachelle Durfey, Crystal Moore, Beth Stiteler) 2:37.88.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Wapato 2:16.61, 2nd-Toppenish 2:19.22, 6th-Sunnyside (Jacob Kresse, Alexander Henry, David Knee, Zile Wagner) 2:42.64.

50-meter butterfly

Girls 8&U: 1st-Makensie Forsyth (P) 56.53, 2nd-Kylie Ergeson (Se) 56.80, 7th-Alyson Spidle (Su) 1:23.04.

Boys 8&U: 1st-Ryker Zier (Se) 55.03, 2nd-Max Jones (Se) 58.31, 8th-Joel Martin (Su) 1:43.04.

Girls 10&U: 1st-Bethany Imperial (W) 43.24, 2nd-Kendall Watts (P) 45.77, 3rd-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 46.31, 6th-Brittany Broersma (Su) 50.43.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Anthony Whiz (W) 45.08, 2nd-Ty Hobbick (W) 45.91, 5th-Tad Tyhuis (Su) 48.26.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Toni Castillo (Su) 33.88 (pool record), 2nd-Nicole Bannister (Se) 37.45, 7th=-Alyssa Martin (Su) 44.94.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Jacob Hollander (Su) 38.29, 2nd-Kyle Raschko (Se) 40.96, 4th-Brad Luff (Su) 41.28, 5th-Cristian Vargas (Su) 42.05, 8th-Edgar Vargas (Su) 47.79.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Sara Lichota (Se) 35.67, 2nd-Sydney Mottice (G) 36.70, 3rd-Molly Dolan (Su) 36.93.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Jacob Richardson (Se) 32.78, 2nd-Anthony Galaviz (T) 34.05.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Allison Filcher (Se) 34.09, 2nd-Katie Knee (Su) 35.15.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Burke Burgett (P) 27.68 (pool record), 2nd-Adam Barney (W) 32.74.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Katie Paulson (Se) 35.15, 2nd-Leonie George (W) 35.59.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Kyle Smeback (Se) 31.29, 2nd-Alex Azure (W) 32.56.

50-meter breaststroke

Girls 8&U: 1st-Lyndsee Anderson (Su) 1:01.73, 2nd-Kylie Ergeson (Se) 1:02.81, 4th-Allison Stutesman (Su) 1:10.29, 7th-Katelyn Hazzard (Su) 1:13.04.

Boys 8&U: 1st-Ryker Zier (Se) 52.46, 2nd-Max Jones (Se) 53.04, 4th-Joel Martin (Su) 1:07.19.

Girls 10&U: 1st-Amy Ingram (P) 48.94, 2nd-Bethany Imperial (W) 49.16, 4th-Brittany Broersma (Su) 50.94, 8th-Alex Newhouse (Su) 55.98.

Boys 10&U: 1st-Kody Ergeson (Se) 51.38, 2nd-Jeremy Klarich (W) 53.68.

Girls 12&U: 1st-Shannon Gaskill (Se) 42.27, 2nd-Toni Castillo (Su) 43.37, 3rd-Marisa Broersma (Su) 45.86, 4th-Alyssa Martin (Su) 45.91.

Boys 12&U: 1st-Brian Michener (G) 43.05, 2nd-Jacob Hollander (Su) 46.44, 5th-Brad Luff (Su) 48.99.

Girls 14&U: 1st-Kaitlyn Broersma (Su) 41.42, 2nd-Sara Lichota (Se) 41.88, 6th-Megan Tyler (Su) 44.56.

Boys 14&U: 1st-Anthony Galaviz (T) 38.07, 2nd-Tyler Burgett (P) 38.24.

Girls 16&U: 1st-Samantha Gonzales (W) 41.64, 2nd-Diana Smith (P) 41.89, 3rd-Katie Knee (Su) 41.96.

Boys 16&U: 1st-Zach Schab (Se) 33.99 (pool record), 2nd-Adam Barney (W) 36.84, 5th-Alexander Henry (Su) 41.49, 6th-David Knee (Su) 41.87.

Girls 18&U: 1st-Megan Klarich (W) 42.00, 2nd-Danelle Cowan (G) 42.55.

Boys 18&U: 1st-Daniel Serna (T) 37.84, 2nd-Curtis Hata (W) 38.88.


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