Football Forecast

The Game Plan

Each week for 13 weeks The Daily Sun News will publish 11 football games. Contestants are required to pick who they think will win each of the 11 games. These games will consist of high school, college and/or pro games.

Each week the combined total score of Game  No. 11 will be utilized as a tie breaker.

The contestant with the most correct answers will receive a $50 First Place Prize. The second place prize winner will receive a three month subscription to The Daily Sun. If a tie exists after the tie-breaker, the first place money will be divided equally.

Contestants will be required to fill out the official entry blank provided here or online. The corresponding advertiser’s name and the game selection must be written next to the corresponding question number to qualify. Illegible entries will not be accepted.

To enter, simply complete the entry form and deliver it to the Daily Sun News office, or go online and enter.

All entries must be received by 4 p.m. Friday each week at the Daily Sun News office, 600 S. 6th St., Sunnyside. (P.O. Box 878, Sunnyside, WA  98944), fax entry to 509-837-6397 or go to for online entry.

All entries MUST include name, address and phone number. The winner’s names will be announced in the following week’s forecast. If entries are not legible, they will be disqualified.

All decisions are final. Sorry, only one entry per person... but the whole family may participate.

Employees of The Daily Sun, and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.


Due to IRS regulations all cash prize winners must provide a valid Social Security Number and fill out a W-9 to receive their winnings. Failure to do so will cause forfeiture of their winnings.


To enter online, view the weekly list of games and advertisers by clicking here.

Then click here for the online entry form and submit your entry by 4 p.m. each Friday!